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About Me

Born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, I speak 3 languages and several dialects.  Over the years, I wrote/co-wrote & ghost-wrote more than 17 screenplays, 2 T.V. series, a volume of monologues and poetry & composed 50 songs. 

As an actor I work primarily on film and T.V. projects, getting cast in minor or supporting roles on major projects. I also do Commercial on-and off-camera work.


So far, I wrote/directed and produced the award winning indie film: "Mobfathers:Permanent Rehab", and 2 feature length documentaries:"Art In The City, 2 hours" (now on Amazon), and "Fireworks on the Brain" (a nominated ADHD Story), a documentary series: "Art In The City, 5 parts",  as well as four short projects. 


I live in New York City and commute to the EU when necessary. 

I came initially to NYC as a professional musician and teacher (2 things I no longer do) on a cultural grant, to write an instruction book for the "East Harlem Music School".


As a performer I studied at an Amsterdam School for the performing arts, but worked as a professional musician and manager of acts in The Netherlands before moving to NYC.

As an actor I studied for a number of years privately with legendary Eve Collyer for stage, film and T.V. work. 


Formerly represented by the "Fifi Oscard Agency", I now freelance and work with Manager Ken Park in NYC, Emerging Talent Agency, as well as CESD and Abrams for Voice Over/on camera commercials. 

I recently produced my fourth short film "Double Blind" (now on Amazon Prime Video), and am in development with an untitled crime feature with a relatively low budget, based on actual events set in NYC as well as 2 additional Indie modest budget features and 2 series with indie budgets.

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