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The Full Story


Welcome to my page.  Since grade school I've been interested in the arts, and I've been lucky enough to be gainfully employed in various forms of it over the years.  First as a manager and musician in Europe, where I was lucky to make a living, then as an actor in NYC.   Over the past 10 years I've been transitioning into writing and producing content in the independent film and television area, and sometimes advise others in specifics about their intended projects.  Although I aspire to be more the puppet master than the puppet, I'm still happy to be part of an interesting project as an actor.  I love collaborating with others and am always on the lookout for people with a similar mindset. 


I hope this page gives you the visitor a glimpse of what I do and aspire to do, although this page is capturing a moment in time, I hope to be in development with a number of projects over the next several years. 


Art is today even more important than ever, because without it, life is just meh.  If I can elicit a smile or an emotional response by my efforts and work, my job for the moment is done.

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